Why Courtroom Experience is Critical for Personal Injury lawyers

It is common to find personal injury lawyers with little to no courtroom experience due to the practice of reaching settlements with insurance companies and large corporations. Not many cases go to court because it is in the interest of entities being sued to negotiate with legal representation and close the matter quickly. This is done for a few reasons.

The Benefits of Settlements

A settlement is faster and draws less attention to the case. There are no companies that want to endure the cost and negative publicity of going to court. The fact that settlements remain confidential and court outcomes are a matter of public are also motivators to come to an agreement for the payout.

Having the amount won in a court case public sets a precedence for future lawsuits and encourages those injured to sue for higher compensation. A courtroom trial also adds to expenses because if the case is won it is up to the losing company to pay all court costs.

Fair settlements also benefit injured parties because payment is provided shortly after the settlement is reached. Trials can go on for several months while medical bills are mounting in the wake of lost wages. It is important to note that people do not accept a settlement without consulting an attorney first.

Going to Court

Hiring an experienced local law firm with extensive courtroom appearances means a settlement is not rushed to avoid public presentation of the case. A local team at the law firm will know the area, local laws and ordinances, current construction projects, major employers, and insurance company representatives. A truck accident caused by excessive speed through a road repair site, for example, can eliminate reasonable doubt regarding negligence or assigning blame.

When every case is investigated as if it is going to court, complete focus and attention to detail is most helpful in negotiating settlements. An in-depth understanding of all the circumstances means the lawyer is prepared for court and not hesitant about recommending a refusal of the offer to clients. Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee, so experienced representation is affordable to any injured party.