The Driving Force Behind Montreal’s Yul Condominium Project

A breathtaking residential skyscraper has risen over the Montreal skyline. Known as the YUL Condominium Project, it was developed by Brivia Group CEO Kheng Ly. Mr. Kheng immigrated from Cambodia at an early age and is a self-taught developer and businessman. He envisioned the Yul Condo as a project that would provide unparalleled luxury while fostering a sense of community. The condos, along with many other projects, is the result of his lifelong commitment to principles such as hard work, perseverance, and honesty.

A Unique Background Spurred a New Vision

Kheng Ly has a vision like no other because the life lessons that brought him success are unique. His early life bore no resemblance to the high-powered, elegant, and respected existence he is currently known for. Born in Cambodia during one of its most dangerous eras, Mr. Kheng nevertheless began a successful street business at a young age. His family soon fled the country and was eventually granted entrance to Canada after living in refugee camps.

Life Lessons Translated Into a Development Career

The lessons that allowed the family to survive and rebuild their lives stayed with the young entrepreneur who brought his drive and work ethic to his adopted country. It took years of commitment and an unwavering vision for Kheng Ly to reach a point where he was the CEO of a huge development company. He learned his craft by taking on dozens of projects that showed him what worked and what didn’t.

An Elegant Condo Project Reflects its Builders Philosophy

Eventually, Mr. Kheng combined his life experience, philosophy, and skills to begin development of the YUL Condo. Located in the heart of Montreal, it has been executed by Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes, who collaborated with architect Stefano Domenic. The elegant 38 story project includes 800 luxurious condos and 17 townhouses. Designed for sustainability, it includes a private garden and has won an award for best use of natural gas.

One of Montreal’s most elegant building projects is the brainchild of Kheng Ly a Cambodian refugee. Mr. Kheng brings skill and experience to the project as well as a commitment to sustainable building. He is also well-known for a business philosophy that includes honesty, perseverance, and hard work.