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What Type of Patio Paver Should You Use?

Of the patio pavers available, brick is the most popular one. There are many reasons why brick is very popular. You can find bricks in many colors, styles, and sizes and they are also very durable and easy to install. Its low maintenance feature is another reason for the popularity of brick.

You can also use concrete pavers which are dense concrete compacted to make individual units that copy brick or natural stone. The cost of concrete pavers is much less than the cost of brick pavers.

It has a long life since it can hold up to 4 time the amount of weight than a concrete slab could. If you get concrete pavers, you can get them in various colors and shapes and many types of designs compared to regular poured concrete.

The installation of concrete pavers is done by units unlike poured concrete and so when they break or crack, you can easily replace them. If there is a repair job to be done underneath the concrete paver, then you can easily remove and replace them when the work is done. The interlocking joints of concrete pavers make them very stable, but the can be installed over sand to give them room to shift. In extreme temperatures or under heavy load, concrete pavers will not crack if they are allowed to shift.

When it comes to maintenance, concrete pavers are easy to maintain. Every 2 or 3 years, your concrete pavers have to be sealed. Depending on your patio traffic, you should also add sand between your pavers over time.

Popular stones like travertine, slate, quartzite, bluestone, flagstone, limestone, and fieldstone can also be used as your patio paver. The durability of natural stones over all other materials is known and it is also very attractive and blends well with the outdoor setting.

You cannot compare natural stone pavers with any other product; it simply stands out.

Using natural stone pavers would stand out in front of your house to make an attractive curb appeal which might otherwise be left dull and unattractive with asphalt or concrete.

If you use natural stone pavers, it would be a difficult do-it-yourself project. Because these area irregular stones, it needs a stonemason to piece and mortar them in place. It is thus the most expensive patio paver to install but since it lasts for many years, the cost will reduce over its lifetime. Natural stone patio pavers are a rough walking area because of its irregular surface.

Natural stone patio pavers need on-going maintenance. You need to sweep and hose your natural stone pavers regularly. If you have natural stone pavers, then weeds won’t grow through the pavers.

The hardest part of your project is n choosing the best materials for your patio. You can find pavers in different materials patterns, and colors, and it will be difficult to visualize the finished project.
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