What to Expect From a Fort Walton Beach DUI Attorney

A DUI charge must be handled carefully since the potential penalties can be severe. Even if it’s the first offense, the accused faces jail time, fines, the loss of their license, probation and more. If there are aggravating circumstances, such as an accident as a result of driving under the influence, it could mean far more time in jail, higher fines, and other increased penalties. Anyone charged with a DUI will want to speak with an attorney quickly.

Careful Review of the Case

The attorney will begin by carefully reviewing the case. They’ll listen to the client’s side of the story, read the police report, and gather any other evidence for the case. They’ll look into exactly what happened when the accused was stopped by the police, how the arrest was handled, what evidence there is that the accused was driving under the influence and whether there is any evidence that will help their client avoid the harshest penalties for these charges.

Look for Any Possible Defenses

Once the lawyer has all of the facts of the case, they’ll start looking into possible defenses. The main one they’ll look into is whether they can create a reasonable doubt that their client was under the influence while they were driving. This could be done by proving the breathalyzer test was inaccurate, by showing the facts of the case laid out in the police report are incorrect, or in other ways.

Attempted to Have Charges Dismissed or Lowered

The lawyer may then attempt to have the charges dismissed or lowered. If they can create enough doubt that their client is guilty, the judge may agree to dismiss the charges. If this isn’t possible, they may look into a plea deal so their client will plead guilty to a lesser charge and be sentenced to reduced penalties instead of the maximum allowed for a DUI charge.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, make sure you get help fast so a lawyer can begin reviewing your case and helping you defend the charges. Visit the website for a Fort Walton Beach DUI attorney now to learn more about how they can help with your case.