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The Beauty Of Hand Smocked Dresses

Handcrafted smocked dresses are more than just garments for your girls. They are a work of art and a manifestation of what a passionate approach and attention to detail can accomplish. Handmade dresses are a cut above the rest, and with good reason.

A handmade dress will have better characteristics than a machine-produced dress. While machines will produce a larger volume of garments, the handmade process will produce a higher quality of garments, although few. You are therefore better off looking for a quality dress in the handmade section.

You will also access a limited edition collection in the handmade section. Hand smocked dresses are normally unique, with few copies of the same. In some instances you can order for one copy of the dress, thus cementing its unique nature. Imagine gifting a little girl, the prettiest and most special dress. You can go online to this site and choose among their limited edition collections, or place an order for a custom-designed smocked dress.

They also use high-quality fabric. Such fabric makes for a comfortable and durable dress. The dress will look good and feel soft to the touch. The designers personally pick the fabric for each dress to ensure consistency and quality in their production. Expect to see the best cuts of cotton, silk, organza, and such.

The dresses are also a preservation of traditional couture techniques. The unique dressmaking skills emphasize a keen observation of quality, and attention to all parts of the dress, to ensure that none of it is out of place. It is a tedious but ultimately rewarding process. The hemline, for instance, is made in such a manner as to be part of the art on the dress. The buttons are also covered in fabric, to ensure continuity in the design of the dress and the preservation of its uniqueness. Hand smocked dresses ensure that the tradition is preserved.

When you wish to see traditional smocks and embroideries, nothing beats the handcrafting process. Machines can be programmed to produce them, but they will be different. The pleating process is done in the traditional order, to produce one color or another before the smocking.

There is also the addition of a delicate underlayer. The smocked dress gets a handmade cotton lining that makes it more comfortable and gives it volume. The dress will have a great structure, and a twirl for the girls to enjoy.

You may also go for the placement of a unique bow, as per the design, or your specifications. The bow colors can also add variety to the dress, or match it the same as the buttons. Imagine your girl’s face when she sees that bow!

The special nature of hand smocked dresses is evident the minute you see it, and each time it is worn. It is an expression of art and a passion for excellent craftsmanship. When you wish to buy such a dress, you need to choose your source carefully. You can check out this collection, and other impressive works of art.

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