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Tips to Follow When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

The fact that hardwood floors look beautiful is what makes a lot of people love them. Installation of hardwood flooring in your home warms up space in the home. The wood types used to make hardwood floors, their colors, stains and finishes applied on the floors are what make hardwood floors different. Choosing the hardwood flooring to install in your home is difficult due to these differences. For you to choose the best, you need to know a number of basics about hardwood floors. Some of the things to consider when choosing hardwood floors are discussed below.

Consider the type of wood when choosing hardwood flooring. Some hardwood flooring are engineered while others are solid. Engineered and solid hardwood floors are different. The source of solid hardwood floors is wood logs. It can either be finished or unfinished. Staining and treating of hardwood floors should be done when bought unfinished. Solid hardwood expands and contracts and therefore it should only be used on the ground. The components which make engineered hardwood floors. Examples of components used to make engineered hardwood floors include composite material, plywood, and solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood flooring is stable, and therefore it can be installed on any level of your home. Also, it can be used in bathrooms and basements since they are not affected by moisture and dampness.

Hardwood flooring are made from different species of wood. The strengths of these wood species also differ. When choosing your hardwood flooring, choose hardwood flooring made from a strong and hardwood as it will be durable. The wood species which are considered strong include cumaru, Brazillian cherry, and Brazilian oak. If your place is used by a lot of people, go for hardwood floors made from these wood species.

Put the style of your home into consideration when choosing hardwood floors. The hardwood flooring to be chosen and the style in your home should complement each other. If your home looks traditional, go for hardwood floors made from oak, maple or walnut. The finishes applied on the hardwood flooring should also compliment the style in your home. People with modern homes should go for dark brown, dark charcoal or pewter colors. Hardwood floors in a whitewashed look are ideal if your home is modern.

When choosing hardwood flooring, consider the finish applied on it. Flooring finishes also act as a barrier to dirt and moisture. Examples of finishes applied on hardwood floors include brush finishes, bleaching finishes and wire brush finishes. Choose a flooring finish which will complement your home. The things discussed above should be considered when choosing hardwood flooring.

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