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How to Purchase Quality Grass-Fed Beef

As far as your diet is concerned, quality matters. You may be buying organic fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market and consuming unprocessed foods but one place where most clients skimp is meat. You should ensure the meat you buy offers benefits. Grass-fed meat is recommended as it has healthy fats, more vitamins, it is easy to digest, has no GMOs, and fewer pesticide residues. However, do not purchase grass-fed beef from anywhere as you may pay for what is not worthy. Use these guidelines to get the best grass-fed beef.

Be keen on legal compliance. As far as the meat industry is concerned, all those involved in meat production and distribution are needed to adhere to strict regulations and guidelines. These regulations are mainly used to make sure those involved, more so the end consumers obtain quality and safe meat. When examining a grass-fed meat supplier, ensure they are properly and fully licensed by checking the validity of their license with the licensing bodies. This way, the supplier will not offer inorganic beef in the name of grass-fed beef to avoid the cancellation of its license.

Ensure you factor in the reputation. Reputation is a big deal when it comes to buying grass-fed beef. This is because there are so many suppliers who claim to offer grass-fed beef while in real sense they offer inorganic beef. This means you end up paying huge amounts for beef that does not deliver the benefits you expect. To ensure you get value for what you pay, ensure a grass-fed beef supplier has been around for many years, has great reviews and is highly recommended by its current and past customers.

Pay attention to after-sale services. Apart from supplying quality and safer grass-fed beef, a good supplier will also offer a variety of after-sale services. These are very important if you operate a restaurant. The role of a grass-fed beef supplier does not end when they distribute the products. A suitable supplier will provide any needed assistance and support after the delivery has been made.

Begin with a small order. Before making a huge purchase from a grass-fed beef supplier, you need to test it; ensure you order a small portion of beef. In case it is hard, give the supplier a second chance as a tough animal can at times slip into the mix. However, if a supplier fails the second time, look for another grass-fed beef supplier.

Read labels. On the labels, look for ‘grass-fed’ words. This ensures that the beef is from cattle that have fed on grass and forage only from weaning to slaughter. Also, look for the third-party certified logo as it is an indicator that cattle are 100% grass-fed and that the animals were brought up without antibiotics or hormones, were raised humanely and were not confined. When you come across ‘grass-finished’ or ‘pastured’ terms on a label, then they are unregulated and could imply that the diet of the cattle included grains.

Buy local beef. The big percentage of grass-fed beef is produced on small farms and sold to consumers directly. A suitable place to get it is at the local farmer’s market. In case you purchase directly from a farm and there are no labels, request for specifics regarding how the cattle were raised. You can visit websites that offer useful directories to locate grass-fed beef in your area.

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