3 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing

Millions of homes now include metal roofs instead of standard materials like asphalt, slate, or clay tiles. Choosing metal allows owners to select from a wide range of styles and colors. Suppliers offer steel shingles that mimic the look of nearly any traditional roofing materials. Metal roofs are beautiful, exceptionally durable, and pest resistant. They are easy to maintain and stand up to the harshest weather.

Homeowners Have a Lot of Choices

Contractors provide metal roofing that is a match for virtually any home style. They can use metal shingles to create a sleek contemporary look or preserve the elegance of historic homes. Suppliers offer products that are ideal for a Cape Cod home and shingles that have a charming, rustic appearance. Metal shingles are manufactured using a stamping process and then coated with layers of premium paint. As a result, it is easy to find colors that match every home color theme.

Metal Roofs Stand the Test of Time

Most homeowners who opt for metal shingles never have to think about replacing their roofs again. Steel lasts up to three times longer than other common roofing materials. High-end shingles often retain their strength and beauty for up to 60 years. They stand up to the elements much better than asphalt. Constant exposure to rain, snow, and sun has little impact on them. They can withstand winds of 110 miles per hour, and they meet or exceed the strictest U.S. building codes. That makes metal ideal for hurricane-prone areas like Florida.

Roofs Stay Beautiful With Minimal Care

Clients who want low-maintenance roofs often choose metal shingles. When pests like raccoons and rodents access asphalt roofs, they may break through shingles, damage underlying materials, and get into homes. However, they cannot get through metal shingles. Steel shingles are also low maintenance because moss and fungus do not grow on metal, so there is no need to remove growths.

Beautiful, practical metal roofs are in demand by homeowners who want long-lasting materials. Choosing metal shingle roofs allows customers to select from a wide range of styles and colors. Metal shingles withstand the harshest weather, are pest resistant, and maintain their beauty for decades with minimal care.