To Trade or Not to Trade

In my free time I’ve been using the Bitcoin Era app a lot. It’s been interesting to trade in bitcoin and other currencies when changes occur in the market. I don’t exactly like to think of it as gambling, but it kind of scratches the same kind of itch. You don’t know for sure when the prices will go up or down, so you have to pick the right time to buy or sell based on past data and experience. It may or may not be accurate, but you can’t really tell until it’s all done I’ve made some good money from trades, and I’ve also lost some.

When I made my first trade with the app, the price of bitcoin didn’t really change that much. I was expecting it to go up sharply, but it just hovered around the same amount for a long time. I kept opening the app to check on it, but it just stayed pretty much the same. It’s almost like how they say a watched pot will never boil, or a watched car will never crash. The more I looked at it, I was just getting tired and wanted to do something else. One day, the price finally changed, and not by a little, but a lot.

The price of bitcoin had gone up by $2,000, and it was incredible. I wasn’t sure if I should sell all of what I had, or keep it in my wallet in case the price went up even more. Most people will say that you should hold on and see how the price changes, but sometimes I can get a bit impatient. I sold a little bit of my bitcoin, and the price went up again. I was mad that I didn’t have the patience to not trade, but it was a learning experience.